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History of the institution

Nav Bharti Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Jaipur established in 2006, is an excellent institution known for Quality Education. It is a budding Institute of 20 years old Nav Bharti  Society (Regd.). The college is located in the heart of the city. It is easily accessible to nearby rural areas. The college has a beautiful and spacious building measuring0.62 Acres. It is developed as a result of the vision and initiative of eminent educationists of the area for the upliftment of the educationally backward and rural youth of the area. The chairman of the managing committee, Dr. Prabhat Sharma, who is an eminent educationist, has a vast experience. He is providing guidelines for the welfare of the institution. The college has a faculty of 15 members who are dedicated and well educated and having qualification as per Rajasthan University/NCTE norms. Number of seats is 200 as allotted by the Department of Higher Education of the State. The Physical as well as the psychological environment of the college is congenial and peaceful. The beautiful infrastructure, well equipped laboratories (Educational Psychology Lab, Computer Lab, Educational Technology Lab & Language Lab) and library, having a seating capacity of Fifty students, are also up to the mark. Motivation, due guidance and financial aid is provided by the worthy management.

The chief aim of the college is the production of socially productive individuals by providing them quality education. To achieve this aim, theoretical, practical and co-curricular aspects are duly emphasized. Practice Teaching is held in six local schools and their contribution is also rewarded in the Annual Prize Distribution Function annually.

The College has a mutually- beneficial relationship with the community. The building of the college is available to the city dwellers, NGO’s and Government Departments for various events. The experts from Department of Education, Fine Arts and Psychology of Punjabi University, Patiala, occasionally visit our college for seminars, Extension lectures and workshops.

The main challenge faced by the institution is to facilitate harmonious development of the students. The college offers one undergraduate programme namely Bachelor of Education. The college has been sanctioned 200 seats with additional intake by NCTE after getting NOC by the department of Higher Education, Government of Rajasthan. It has been recognized by the constituent body of Government of India that is Northern Regional Committee, National Council of Teacher Education (N.C.T.E.) vide letter No. F-NRC/ NCTE/RJ-1386/2008/64155/date:29sept.2008. As most of the students belong to nearby rural areas, they lack many assets in their personality. Usually they lack confidence and have poor linguistic abilities. Our major aim is to groom their personalities and uplift their confidence. The talented, enthusiastic and deserving students regularly participate in Zonal and Inter-Zonal, Youth Festivals as well as Inter-College competitions and bringing great laurels.

It is a self financed institution. Sources for conducting teaching practice are managed from the tuition fee received from the students. In time of emergency and for overall development of the institution management provides financial assistance. For Practice Teaching students are sent to the nearby schools both Government and private, with due permission from D.E.O. During Practice Teaching there is emphasis on multi-skill development among students. A microteaching session is given to the students before sending them to actual classrooms. Minimum number of Practice Lessons given by each student is 40 and discussion lessons are also given by students. Total number of days devoted to Practice teaching is 40. Merit scholarships and fee concession are given to the extraordinary as well as intelligent students. There is wide publicity and transparency in the admission process. Admissions are provided through a common entrance test conducted by the concerned University. This year academic session started on Augest 1st , 2010 with Hawan ceremony. The session was initiated with a week-long orientation programme. Institution has developed its academic calendar. The time table is managed according to the norms of Punjabi University and availability of faculty. The scheme of evaluation is made clear to the student at the beginning of academic session. Examination pattern is according to the norms of Punjabi University, Patiala. College conducts house test/practical exams two times a year for evaluation, personality development and assessing students’ performance and progress. Institution has a highly qualified faculty with NET qualified, pursuing Ph.D and having done M.Phil in Education. High success rate and low drop out rate is there. In Computer Lab, computers are with internet facility, Language lab is established to fully realize its vision and mission. Institution wants to raise the level of research in terms of quality and quantity. There is scope for developing more linkages with other institutions and industries of national repute. Opportunities for empowerment of women folk are provided. Our institution provides opportunity for improving English communications skills especially for the vernacular medium students. Effective strategies are yet to be evolved for identifying the slow and advanced learners. The whole academic training and training programme are being conducted perfectly in tune as per its vision and mission. We strive to empower the rural female and male folk with the qualities of head, heart and hand which make them realize their role towards the construction of healthy society. We enable them to keep pace with national and global trends at the same following the golden maxim of quality begets quality.

Thus the institution stands out as a unique college of teacher education for its distinct emphasis on imparting the sound theoretical knowledge of curriculum subjects, teaching and training methods, including practical exposure to actual teaching with a humanistic touch to groom the student teacher to become both effective teacher and fine persons. Finally, the student teachers should be capable of carving out and drawing out the best in humans who would contribute in shaping the future of the STATE and building the GLOBAL VILLAGE.


Our institution has following aims:-

  1. Academic excellence

  2. Promotion of creativity and innovation

  3. To produce employable teachers

  4. Promoting good moral character and emotionally intelligent individuals.

  5. Organizing programmes promoting socially sensitive individuals.

  6. Promotion of self learning.

  7. Harmonious development of budding teachers


In April 2012, the college was assessed by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) as College and was awarded an B+ grade with CGPA 2.59 on 4.00 point scale.

  Mission and vision

The Nav Bharti Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya has clear, distinct and community oriented objective.


Vision: To provide quality education resulting in harmonious development of the pupil teachers and to produce socially productive individuals.


  1. To create situations providing stimuli to the pupil teachers to attain academic excellence.

  2. To provide excellent teacher educators to the budding teachers.

  3. To encourage innovation and creativity among the teacher educators as well as the students.

  4. To encourage self-learning and self-evaluation.

  5. To create abundant opportunities for cultural activities, seminars and other co-curricular activities.

  6. To produce the socially sensitive teachers aspiring to serve the nation selflessly.

Objectives: In the light of our mission, the college formulated following objectives.

  1. Academic excellence

  2. Promotion of creativity and innovation

  3. To produce employable teachers

  4. Promoting good moral character and emotionally intelligent individuals.

  5. Organizing programmes promoting socially sensitive individual efforts.

  6. Promotion of self learning.

  7. Harmonious development of budding teachers

Values: The values prevalent in our working environment are expressed by:-


  • Innovation: We promote innovation in every area. The innovative efforts of teachers as well as students are recognized and reinforced.

  • Commitment: We are fully committed to our vision, mission, goals and values. Mistakes help us to do better next time but can never discourage.

  • Work Culture: We have created an encouraging and democratic environment so that everyone works having an inner drive.

  • Completely Professional Attitude: Our teacher educators are motivated to acquire a sincerity towards their profession. We strive to inculcate completely professional attitude among our budding teachers too.

  • Democratic Ideals: We are democratic in our dealing with our students, our stakeholders and our resources. Everyone get his due share of courtesy and respect.

  • Co-operation: We are guided by team spirit. The initiative of one person is supported by an ensured assistance and co-operation by everyone related.

General information

Name and address of the Institution

Nav Bharti Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Mohru Nagar, Manyawas

District:  Jaipur                                                          

State:   Rajasthan


Telephone No. with Code: 9587037670

Year of establishment:  2006


Teacher Education Programmes(s) offered in the Institution

Name of Course: B.Ed.  An intake of: 200 student teachers


NCTE/RJ-1386 /2008/64155



Details of Affiliation


University of Rajasthan

Status of Affiliation



Type of Management (Mark which is applicable)

​Self-financing Institution

In the case of Government aided or Self-financing Institution, mention if the institution is managed by ………………

Registered Society

Status of the Institution (Mark which is applicable)

Independent Institution offering only Teacher Education Programme(s)

Institution meant for




Whether accessible in all-weather and through Pucca Road- Yes

Name of the Nearest Railway Station- Jaipur

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